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Organizing Committee

Federation for a Manufacturing Renaissance

We are a new federation of organizations committed to development that is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable and restorative and can lead to the re-building of urban and rural communities devastated by de-industrialization.  

We are deeply committed to addressing the climate emergency and to work with the manufacturing sector in becoming a leader in the use of processes and the creation of products that reflect the full commitment to sustainable development. 

We are advocates for what we call Inclusion & Industry 4.0—an industrial policy that ensures that the growth of manufacturing will be a tide that lifts all boats including women, people of color, and workers.

Our work is deeply influenced by international best practices including those in the US, the Basque Country, Northern Italy, Germany, Australia, and elsewhere.  Our federation is international and will actively promote exchange of ideas, programs, solidarity, and mutual support. We:

·       Organize support for our ideas, our programs, and our policies;

·       Learn about each other and learn from each other;

·       Engage manufacturers, the labor movement, community and faith-based organizations, political networks, and government in all aspects of our work;

·       Secure resources for the work of our members; and

·       Are fundamentally committed to engagement in the electoral and legislative process in a trans-partisan way.

Guiding Principles:  The following are our guiding principles:

·       We recognize the central role of manufacturing in building communities and a sustainable society;

·       We are committed to strengthening inclusion at all levels in the manufacturing ecosystem; and 

·       We have a deep commitment to economic democracy.

The Federation is currently a program of Manufacturing Renaissance.

Our members include the American Sustainable Business Network, The Century Foundation, the Urban Manufacturing Alliance, LKS Mondrabon, 1worker1vote, Progressive Democrats of America, the African American Leadership and Policy Institute, the Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative, the Great Cities Institute at the University of Illinois, the Democracy Collaborative, the Black Business Association in Memphis, Co-op Cincy, the Ohio Employee Ownership Center, Jentry Search, Inc. the Chicago Teachers Union Foundation, the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, and Democracy Partners


For more information, contact Dan Swinney, Manufacturing Renaissance, <>

Have questions? Contact our support for help.

Earmarks 101 and Accessing Federal Funding

FMR alongside The Century Foundation are pleased to host “Earmarks 101 and Accessing Federal Funding” with the expertise from Bruce Bernstein, Sr. Associate Director, Business Development at Queens Health Network for a Zoom discussion on Tuesday, August 29 from 11:30 – 1 CT/12:30 – 2 ET.

We will learn how to use congressional earmarks for federal funding and hear from guest speaker Bruce Berstein on how you can advocate congressional funding for your organization.

Please contact Michelle Burris at The Century Foundation for details on the webinar at

FMR Member Feature:
Co-op Cincy

The trip to Mondragon: Home of the world’s largest co-op

“We plan to move forward and to spread this message of change through cooperative economic development.”

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